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HOT Topics

When you need information, you need it fast. That’s why we created this Hot Topics section: to give you quick and easy access to information on a variety of topics that matter to your business. It’s just one more way we’re proving our commitment to making it easier for you to do business with us – and another tool to help you succeed.
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Choice Simplified1
Our enhanced Multi-Choice option allows employers to select our most popular options to fit the unique needs of their business and employees.

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Choice Simplified Flyer

Based on an ultra-value network, Focus offers HMO benefits on a fully insured basis at very competitive price points.

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A no-referrals-needed, flexible network that gives members access to a distinct set of providers from our full Select/Choice network.

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Members can use it to set health and fitness goals, get recipes/tips, participate in challenges, and earn rewards.

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New Spreadsheet Enrollment
We accept spreadsheet enrollment for new medical and specialty benefits business.

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1Formal product name: UnitedHealthcare Multi-Choice®
1Full HMO product name: Focus = UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue® Focus