The # 1 concern for small-business
owners is the cost of health care.1

Our self-funded plans may offer relief.
All Savers Alternate Funding plans are designed specifically for businesses sized 5-50. They are self-funded, which means that you fund a medical plan for eligible health expenses for covered employees. These plans are designed to help you and your company save and include the following features.
  • Potential for year-end refunds if your covered claims are lower than expected2
  • Potential for lower employer payments
  • Deductible credits for claims you’ve already paid on your existing plan3
  • Stop-loss protection if your covered claims are higher than expected4
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All Savers
Alternate Funding
1 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Small Business research, 2008; National Foundation for Independent Business study, 2012.
2 Based in part on claim activity.
3 Allows for prior carrier medical deductible credit only and not out-of-pocket maximum credit.
4 Customers must also purchase an Excess Loss Insurance Policy issued by All Savers Insurance Company.
UnitedHealthcare policies may have exclusions or limitations or terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of the coverage, contact your broker, consultant or UnitedHealthcare Representative.
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